2 Ball Scoring Workout

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2 ball scoring workout









2 ball drills have been around since the beginning of time. It has even progressed to the point where we now have 2 ball scoring drills.

These drills in the workout below go over ball handling, moving in tight spaces, and scoring.

Use the drills to become more ambidextrous and being able to finish in ways similar to the game.

Steps to using this workout:

1.) Print it out and get to the gym.

2.) Track your makes and/or attempts at each drill.

3.) Log you results. You have to keep track of your workouts to know where you really are in your game.

4.) Upload a video to Facebook of you performing the drills and tag @spartanbasketball in the post for a chance to win 1/2 price off a Spartan Scoring Camp



– 2 Ball Scoring Workout –

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