3 Step Plan For Development

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Now,,,this is a broad out line but if you’re focusing on these 3 things 
then you are on the right track. 

1.) What are you great at or going to be great at?  What skill can you hang your hat on when it comes tryouts time or time to earn some playing time.  You don’t have to be great at everything, but you better be great at something!!!

2.) How are you building that strength mentioned in #1? Yes, you need to build your weaknesses but your strength actually needs to come first. 

Think about it…..if you’re the best shooter at tryouts…don’t you think you’ll have a spot on the team.

3.) What’s your intangible? Meaning….what’s that one thing you do that doesn’t show up on the stats?  This way if someone can shoot as well as you then you can inch past them with your intangible.

Hope this helps!!!

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