How Michael Jordan Can Help You Get Ready For Basketball Tryouts

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When you think of getting ready for basketball tryouts this school season…..

You probably don’t think of Michael Jordan as the first person who can help you make the team.

Which is understandable.

You probably don’t know him personally…..and he’s a very busy man.

But when you look at the parts of MJ’s game that you can take and implement into yours….

It becomes a different story.

See….Jordan’s game was simple.

Except for when he was in the air doing the most acrobatic things you’ve ever seen.

However, the rest of his game was just a mastery of the basic skills that all players need to get ready for tryouts.

His footwork in triple threat…..or his sharp and crisp ball handling….or even his footwork to quickly get into a jump shot from anywere on the court.

Those are the things you should be looking to master as you prepare for school tryouts.

Those ARE the things that are going to help you make the team!!!

Check out the video from Spartan Basketball‘s Tim Springer on how you can implement Jordan’s game into yours and make it a weapon in how you prepare for tryouts.



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