8 injury prevention exercises for basketball players

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If anyone knows me, they know that my number one job for the basketball players in my program is to keep them healthy.

Through the mindset of injury prevention first, increased athletic ability second, the vast majority of my players have completed their basketball seasons and go into their AAU seasons with minimal to no injuries and maximum athletic output.

It is through these injury prevention exercises that I have found my niche as a trainer; the “injury prevention guy.”

injury prevention exercises

Now, all injury prevention isn’t as leisurely as Tracy McGrady shows here as he reads what looks to be a Vogue Magazine (no judgement). 

Injury prevention is very important for basketball players to be able to increase their athletic potential on the court, so my job takes a very specific approach, undertraining vs. overtraining. 

There are 4 problem areas for basketball players that I like to cover in my training program, they are


In my latest article in STACK, you can see 8 exercises that I use to strengthen and mobilize these “problem areas” in basketball players, to see this article in STACK, click the link below!

injury prevention exercises

Stay Strong,

Layton Westmoreland, Coach L

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