Tony Parker’s Clutch Shot… The Beauty Of A Live Dribble

Posted By on Jun 7, 2013 |

Game 1 of the NBA Finals had a MUST SEE ending! Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs

made a clutch shot to seal the game. A lot of people saw it as a circus shot and says that it was 

“lucky.” But what people aren’t seeing or talking about is the fundamental skill that he used to

make that happen that EVERYONE has been taught since square one…. …Want to know 

what that skill is? Do you? 

HE KEPT HIS DRIBBLE ALIVE WHEN HE FELL DOWN! Most players when they hit the floor they clutch

onto the ball with dear life. Not Tony, he has been one of the leagues’ top play makers for several 

years and as a veteran PG he knew that if he was able to keep his dribble ALIVE long enough to make

a play, then he could do just that. MAKE A PLAY! A game-winning play at that. If you missed it or want 

to see it again, I provided the video for you!

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