Train To Be Clutch

Posted By on May 21, 2013 |

When you train, what are you training?

Yeah, sure. You go lift weights. You run sprints. You get a hundred or so shots up.

You do everything you are supposed to do on the court and in the weight room. You get a sweat going. You feel like we accomplished something. You took yourself  to the next level.

Then game night comes.

You are nervous, jittery, and our mind isn’t focused. You get into the game, the crowd gets into your head and you start to make mistakes. 2 seconds left in the game and you get a wide open 3 to win the game and…. CLANK! Off the rim and the game is over. We lost.

You trained all week, all month, all summer for that moment. But, you forgot a very important training aspect in the game of basketball.

Joshua Medcalf is one of the top minds today in the art of mental training. Check out this short video by Joshua Medcalf and Train To Be Clutch and you will see how to turn your OFF-Season in to your OPP-season. “OPP” for Opportunity!



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