What Is Hard Work?

Posted By on May 24, 2013 |

What is Hard Work?

This video was produced by Alan Stein and Stronger Team, the leading basketball-specific strength and conditioning company. This guy is a personal mentor of mine and I thought I would share his video that discusses what it means to work hard. Alan Stein has worked exclusively with Kevin Durant as a strength and conditioning coach.

“If you want to be successful on or off the court, you need to work hard, work smart, and work consistently. 2 out of 3 won’t cut it, you need to do all 3 to reach your potential.” – Alan Stein, Stronger Team

With Spartan Basketball, we have added Performance Training to the mix through Basketball-Specific Strength and Conditioning Coach Layton because we know that in order to succeed at the most elite levels, basketball players must have a well-balanced skill set through not only their basketball play, but their basketball athleticism as well. To get in your hard work this summer, Click Here To Get Faster This Weekend…


If You’re Ready To Work Hard To Achieve Your Basketball Dreams Then Click Here 

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