You Should Be Playing More 1-On-1

Posted By on Jun 5, 2013 |


You should be playing more 1-on-1, but you must be doing it in the right way for it to improve your game.

Alan Stein of Stronger Team gives a few examples of a way to prove who really is king of the court. I am going to share those with you now:

Put these general rules in place to take your game to the next level:

  • Play 2?s and 3?s
  • Play to 7 from the same spot
  • Best of 5 series
  • Loser’s ball after each score
  • 5 second shot clock (once ball is checked)
  • After the game-winning point is scored, player must make a FT. If they miss; the point doesn’t count.

Try these 6 variations:

  1. Play from the top of the key and you only get one dribble
  2. Play from the wing and you can’t shoot 3’s and you can’t score in the paint
  3. Play from the elbow and you must score with your weak hand
  4. Play from midcourt and you must shoot from 3
  5. Play from the opposite free throw line and you only get 5 dribbles
  6. Play from the block and you aren’t allowed any dribbles

For the full article and more on Alan Stein and Stronger Team, follow here!

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